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Restore Pellet Hormone Program

Receive Pellet Hormone Therapy training online, at your convenience.

What you'll get:

  • Comprehensive understanding of the science and application of pellet hormone therapy.
  • Access to turnkey operations to implement this service easily.
  • Resources to acquire patients and treat them effectively.

The Restore Pellet Hormone Therapy program is a comprehensive, online training program that utilizes the science and application of hormone replacement therapy using pellets.

Throughout this course, you will gain a complete understanding of pellet hormone therapy that will leave you feeling confident in your abilities to treat and manage your patients. You will also gain access to turnkey operations that compliment your existing workflow to easily implement this service into your current practice. There are systems and resources provided in this online course that will not only help you convert your existing patients, but also help you acquire new patients for hormone restoration therapy utilizing pellets. This course is designed to help you successfully offer this service for your patients without taking up too much of your time in your day to day operations.  

This is a more natural approach to Pellet Hormone Therapy that educates on strategies to limit side effects and promote a better hormone balance in your patients, while fulfilling their needs fully and effectively. Your patients will thank you for training under the Restore Pellet Hormone Therapy method.


If you need hands-on, in-person procedural training, please go to the Onsite Restore Procedure Training Offer for more information.