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You work hard, do you ever feel like you're running up hill? Or feel like you should be growing faster or making more money than you do. We can help increase your profitability immediately!

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We are in the Business of Cost Containment for the Integrative Health Market

Our identity is cost containment, period. We fulfill this purpose for both the integrated medical practice as well as the suppliers that serve them. 

We are Doctors Serving Doctors

with 40+ years of combined experience in integrative and functional medicine coupled with our passions for helping others. We want to help you avoid the come pitfalls that we have already navigated for you and leverage the collective power of like-minded healthcare individuals.

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Integrative Medical Practice

Integrated Healthcare Professionals


• A one-stop shop to order products

• We help leverage unified purchasing power for the integrated market

• Negotiating best prices for you

• Supplier network of reputable companies that can satisfy the unique needs of an integrative practice

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Acclaimed Healthcare Suppliers


• Exclusive arrangement

• Interviews practice needs and align those with your product/service offerings

• No cost to enter into the network

• Will use all forms of communications from email to conferences to market to our audience of 11k+ integrative practices

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